Here's a list of people who have had their windows washed by Crystal Clear Window Washing Service. Feel free to give them a call, they have given us permission to use their name and phone number.

To keep the list fresh, we rotate the references on to the list as they are received, adding new ones to the top so these nice folks below aren't getting calls for the next 2 or 3 years. Our company depends very heavily on referrals, and we know we won't get ANY referrals if we don't do an excellent job combined with the proper respect for our customer.

If you want a company that will take a lot of pride (which translates to a lot of time) in the job to make sure you are 100% satisfied, then please call. Our company is all about outstanding customer service, quality work, and no aggravation to you, the customer. Thank you for your consideration and hopefully we'll see you soon.


Julie and Gary Bolopue - 303-660-2141 - The Meadows - Castle Rock, CO
Our windows look great. the guys were on time, friendly and very efficient.  Would definitely hire them again

Janet and Gerald Jones - 303-681-2616 - Larkspur, CO.
We've had our windows done by various people and this was by far the best job done.  Unfortunately, the birds can't tell there is even a glass there and 4 of them ran into the windows this week alone.  We also appreciate your personal attention to our challenging window.  Thank you for such a work ethic! - Jerry and Janet Jones

Moe and Bill Danielson - 303-681-0878 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Our windows have never sparkled like they do now.  Thank you - Your Professionalism showed from start to finish. - Mo Danielson

Linda and Gary Masterman - 303-681-0223 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Reve has done a beautiful job on our windows - 3 times. - Linda Masterman

Arlie and Donna Monsie - 303-681-2614 - Sage Port - Larkspur, CO.
Great Job!  Reasonable rates and did a very professional cleaning.  Arrived on time.  We were very pleased.  Arlie and Donna Monsie

Laurie and John Kearns - 303-681-2232 - Hidden Forrest - Larkspur CO.
The windows look great! - Laurie Kearns

Al Hawkins - 303-663-9415 - Bell Mountain - Castle Rock, CO.
Very pleased, Prompt, Courteous, Professional - Al Hawkins

Carol and Terry Hellinger - 303-681-3822 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
I am the type of woman who thinks it's a waste of money to hire people to do things I can do on my own.  Window cleaning fall under that category.  However, this summer I simply ran out of time and energy.  I decided to give Crystal Clear Window Washing a try.  WOW!  I do not believe I'll be taking the time to clean my own window again.  Reve Bernhardt and his two helpers did an amazing job.  They were extremely thorough.  Our windows have never looked this good in the twelve years we've lived in our house.  I must say though my husband and I feel badly for the little birds in our area.  We've been hearing a "thud" or two every so often as the poor things fly into the closed windows.  We highly recommend the services of Crystal Clear Window Washing.  Terry and Carol Hellinger.

Jo Ann Cermola - 303-646-0952 - Elizabeth CO.
Excellent job, very professional,  I could sit all day looking out the beautiful windows. - Jo Ann Cermola

Ann and Larry Fouts - 303-688-1042 - Hidden Forrest - Larkspur, CO.
Crystal Clear does and excellent job and the windows are spotless when they are done - They truly do strive for perfection and customer satisfaction - Ann Fouts

Trish and Duane Eberlein - 303-681-3218 - Keen Ranch - Castle Rock, CO.
Very Professional, Courteous, ON TIME, Fair Pricing, Good Job, Will use again in the future.  - Trish Eberlein

Jan and Dave Wallace - 303-929-2817 - Plum Creek - Castle Rock, CO.
Through job, Love the clean windows. - Jan Wallace

Connie and Jerry Fitzgerald - 620-743-1241 - Hidden Forrest - Larkspur, CO.
We hired Crystal Clear Window Washing based on a recommendation from one of our neighbors.  Reve and his crew completed the job on schedule and we were extremely pleased with their work.  We will definitely be a repeat customer and will not hesitate to recommend their service to the rest of our neighbors.  Connie and Jerry.

Kristen and Rob Kingsbury - 303-524-9141 - The Meadows - Castle Rock, CO.
Crystal Clear did an awesome job on our windows in our Colorado Springs home.  We look forward to having him do our Castle Rock home, as soon as we're unpacked!
:)  Excellent Company!  - Rob Kingsbury

Julie and John Venable - 303-759-3332 - Castle Rock, CO.
Great work on our windows!  Very quick and thorough. They should do a good job for you also. - Julie and Jack

Cheryl and Larry Stevenson - 303-660-9471 - Perry Park East - Larkspur, CO.
Perfect!  The windows and screens are clean and totally clear.  Very friendly service and with a smile.  Thanks so much!  - Cheryl Stevenson

Kirk Sinnard - 573-823-5625 - Monument, CO.
Reve, You did a fantastic job on our windows!  You courteous care while doing you job was much appreciated.  We will definitely recommend to our friends and have you back.  Thank you.   - Kirk Sinnard and Cathy Green.


We also rated the best @ Service Magic.

George and Jan Larson - 303-681-3318 - Hidden Forrest - Larkspur, CO.
Crystal Clear was prompt, completed the window washing task in short order,  and did a superb job.  We will continue to use their services. - George Larson.

Jennifer Schoonmaker - Perry Park East - Larkspur, CO.
The Windows are so clear - It looks like they are open!  Great Job. - Jennifer Schoonmaker

Teresa and Bill Flecky 303-792-2613 - Castle Rock, CO.
My windows and screens are really "Crystal Clear"!  I will definitely use Reve and his team to clean my windows both inside and out again.  I am confident in referring my friends and family to Reve!  My windows Still look great - even after all the rain!  Hope you are well.  - Teresa Flecky.

Roger Phillips - 303-663-2753 - The Woodlands - Castle Rock, CO.
A good and efficient job, and we'll have him back next year.  Roger Philips

Jane Johnson - 303-909-5173 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Everything looked great, Reve. Thanks :)  Jane Johnson

Jennifer Ertler - 720-733-1786 - The Meadows - Castle Rock, CO.
Great service from beginning to end - prompt, responsive, reliable and attentive to detail, Looking forward to working with you in the future. - Jennifer Ertler

John and Kathy Peterson - 303-993-8904 - Hidden Forest - Larkspur, CO.
Thanks for a great job!  So nice to have clean windows. - Kathy and John Peterson

Tonnie and Andy Cremisino - 303-660-9696 - Castle Rock ,CO.
Both time that you have done my windows, I have been pleased by the quality of work that you do, and the respect for my home.  You definitely conduct your business with integrity, which I love greatly!! - Tonnie Cremisino

Chris and Robert Coleman - 720-475-1511 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Crystal Clear did an outstanding job washing all our windows - they were "Crystal Clear" until our dog decided to go around and rub his nose on all of them! - Chris Colman

Bill and Karin Cannon - 720-596-4414 - Hidden forest - Larkspur, CO.
We just had our windows done by Crystal Clear today.  We can only complain about one thing...we think they took all the glass out!!  Seriously, we highly recommend them! Clean, fast and trustable!  Also they are friendly and caring crew. If you want perfection call them. - Karin Cannon

Georgia and Dick Overfelt -303-688-8002 - Plum Creek - Castle Rock, CO
Crystal Clear Window Washing did a very good job on our windows.  They are prompt, polite and efficient.  We are very pleased with their work. - Georgia Overfelt

Susan and Leon Verhoven - 720-733-7744 - Castle Rock, CO.
Excellent and Professional - Sue Verhoven

Paul and Ann Gardner - 303-408-5901 - The Woodlands - Castle Rock, CO.
Great Job - the windows are sparkling - I didn't realize how dirty they were!  There Was no way we could have gotten to some of our windows - thanks so much. - Paul and Ann Gardner

Lori and Stan Stokke - 303-681-2760 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
What a great job (again).  We enjoy your exert work and as always it is a treat to visit with you and the Boys.  Excellent work - Very Professional!!!. - Stan Stokke

Jan and Bob Riney - 303-985-7797 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
We have had our window cleaned twice a year sense we moved here nine years ago. We started using Reve's service last year and the quality of his service is outstanding. His prices are very reasonable. We recommend his services and know you will be pleased.

Dave and Michele Bachman - 303-660-4129 - Castle Rock, CO.
Awesome Job! When we looked at the cleaned windows, it looked like there was no glass. Reve did a Flawless Job!

Irmina and Steve Stroud - 303-974-5736 - Hidden Forrest - Larkspur, CO.
Fast and professional service, Great Job!

Bob and Kathy Jost - 303-726-8479 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
This is the second year we have had Crystal Clear clean the windows in our house. We have found Reve to be respectful of our time and space, and he does and exceptional job of cleaning from start to finish. We would definitely recommend him!

Gary and Barb Linderbaum - 303-408-8283 - Hidden Forrest - Larkspur, CO.
Only thing we can say is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! The Best.

Lisa Smith - 303-522-3080 - Centennial, CO.
I've had my window cleaned for many years by many professionals - none match to Reve! His work is outstanding! Customer satisfaction is above and beyond words, "phenomenal" - Lisa Smith

Sharon and David Thomas - 303-840-7779 - Castle Rock, CO.
We were very happy with your window washing service, Reve. Our windows really are Crystal Clear! Thanks

Kimberly and Robin Mehl - 303-814-8533 - Bell Mountain Ranch - Castle Rock, CO.
Excellent job, we are very happy and have already referring you're company to all our friends and my clients. Robin Mehl

Ginger Delgado - 303-916-8166 - The Meadows - Castle Rock, CO.
You are the best window washer I have ever used! Very thorough, competent, organized & has excellent customer service. I would highly recommend you - in fact I already have!! Thanks again. Ginger

Denise and Tony Dyson - 303-904-8486 - Bell Mountain Ranch - Castle Rock, CO.
Excellent Custer Service!  The most reasonable, professional window cleaning we've ever experienced.

Mark and Laura Wildey - 720-851-7011 - Parker, CO.
Reve, you did a great job!  I know because my bride was very happy, a sure sign you did good. We did share with both our neighbors.

Linda and Michael Goode - 303-681-0227 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Great JOB!  Even though windows hadn't been cleaned for years!

Pam and Leon Mazanec - 303-681-3812 - Fox farm and CR105 - Larkspur, CO.
Reve you did a great job at a very affordable price - Why would you ever wash you're own windows?

Nancy and John Aldred - 303-681-3941 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Reve did a very thorough job of the windows and screens.  We will definitely have him return next spring.

Candie and Mike Hurley - 303-954-0222 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
Cleanest window and screens we've ever had. AND at the best price!  It's like a new house again.

Chris and Gerald Amrhein - 720-244-2792 - Christy Ridge - Sedalia, CO.
Reve arrived on time, provided quotes and service in a friendly and work-man-like manner, and left my window very clean.  I?ll be calling again.

Charley Collins - 303-688-9090 / 303-688-0680 - Christy Ridge - Sedalia, CO.
Reve and his Crew were on time & great, very happy!! I will have them back.

Fran Shirek - 303-831-2504 - Castle Rock, CO.
Crystal Clear window washing did a superb and professional job.  They took the time to show me the flaws in the glass and other problems to help with the warranty.

Roger Wolff - 303-681-9139 - Perry Park - Echo Hills.  Larkspur, CO
Reve was congenial from Phone to Finish, ON TIME, Steady work - finished well. Have already made referrals.  Service such as Crystal Clear & Performance of job is the exception.

Jeanee Smithe - 630-244-2600 - Castle Rock, CO.
Crystal Clear window Washing is the best company you can find for sparkling clear windows and excellent service and affordable price.  I recommend them highly.

Angelica White - 303-591-5628 - Plum Creek - Castle Rock. CO.
The windows were impeccably clean along with the screens and tracks! WOW - it was nice to come home to sparkling windows!

Renee` Brown - 303-841-0727 - Crystal Valley Ranch - Castle Rock, CO.
We were very pleased with the service we received,  thank you

Bo Montgomery - 303-681-2198 - Hidden Forest - Larkspur, CO.
Very nice job. Exceed our expectations.  Excellent response to our specific requests.

Kris and Steve Johnson - 719-481-0122 - Palmer Lake area - Larkspur, CO.
We realized we were living in a fog = and now the views are Crystal Clear! Thanks Reve for the fantastic job - We also look forward to the next time.

Lori and Stan Stokke - 303-681-2761 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
I just had to tell you what a fabulous job you did on our windows.  The difference was amazing!  I walked from room to room and couldn't stop saying "wow".  The windows sparkle and it feels so good to have the screens cleaned.  We will definitely be a regular!  We will be telling our friends!

Diana and John Matajasik - 303-935-4194 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
The windows still look great.  Thank you for your response to my timing needs.  I will definitely call you again!  Your charge was very reasonable.

Gloria and David Berger ? 303-663-7878 - Bell Mountain Ranch - Castle Rock
I can see clearly now, the dirt is gone!  Professional friendly and courteous service. A great Job!

Judy and Ronald Bastine - 303-955-2607 - Hidden Forest - Larkspur, CO.
If you need a reference, please have them call us.
We could not be happier with the outstanding quality of the work done by Reve Bernhardt.  His work ethic is incomparable and his personal character unmatched.  We would, and have recommended him too many neighbors and friends.  We certainly will call Reve the next time we need our windows clean.

Shannon Benson - 720-252-4109 - Sage Port - Larkspur. CO.
Fantastic job! Very professional and friendly.  I feel like I have a new house!!

Margaret and Louis Sadler - 303-681-9034 - Perry Park Ranch - Larkspur, CO.
was extremely pleased with the window washing job that Reve Bernhardt did.  He truly does strive for perfection and was certainly obvious when he was finished ? They were spic and span ? very very clean!

Steve and Donna Brenman - 303-870-0975 - Perry Park Rd. (CO105) - Larkspur, CO.
Fastidious about their work - Did a great job, will defiantly use them again

Kathy Ellis ? 303-681-2241 - Perry Park ? Larkspur, CO.
Please do put me down as a reference.  Wonderful Job!!!

Leah and Phil Tome - 303-688-4618 - Perry Park East - Larkspur, CO.
Very nicely done and in a timely manor.  Crystal Clear is what my windows are.  Thank you!


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