Crystal Clear Window washing is Closing down


It is with great regret to inform you that Crystal Clear Window Washing is closing down.

WHY,  you ask?

Over the last few years it has been a struggle to find trustworthy and  reliable help.

This year my son was going to take over the business and we were working toward that transition.  He however was made an offer to stay at his current job that he could not refuse.

I had been holding everything together so that he could succeed.  But alas that is not to be.

Not many of you know, I only did it for fun , and as a bet that it could actually work.  I had actually retired in 2007.  I started Crystal Clear to prove that it could be done.  The business grew and was as successful as I wanted it to be.

I met and have known many great families and friends in this process and they are the ones I’ll miss as I go forward.

I am currently practicing how to be retired.  I’ll travel, play with bees and get involved with other ventures.

No, I do not know any other companys to recommend.


Reve Bernhardt

P.S.  If anyone knows some one who may be interested in a "Turn Key" business.   I’m willing to talk.

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